Jabalpur(Education upto graduation, enlightenment and as a professor)

Jabalpur is situated on the bank of the river Narmada. This city is surrounded by hills a world famous waterfall and high marble mountain ranges. 400-500 feet deep Narmada river is flowing through these beautiful marble mountain ranges. Osho graduated from Jabalpur and then completed his post graduation in philosophy with a gold medal from Sagar University. Later he came back to Jabalpur as a professor at the Jabalpur University and remained here until he shifted to Mumbai in 1970.

Meditation at Kuchwada

Osho Amritdham greets all the masters, saints and people of all races of the past, present and future. In the hills of Devtal such unique phenomena had happened, is still happening and will continue to happen, which is eternal.
The Environment of this place is full of music coming from chirping of birds, waterfalls, jingling sound of cricket and music of deep silence, fragrance coming from the flowers and fruits. The Divine World is personified here.

Swami Anand Vijay is among the few fortunate Osho lovers who are guided on their inner journey by Osho himself.

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